DrBirgitHansen2008 ret klMy name is Birgit Hansen, I was born in 1966, and I studied philosophy, psycholinguistics and literary studies at the Free University (Berlin). I attained a Doctorate in Philosophy (PhD) in 1999 on victim theories at the European University Viadrina (Frankfurt O.) with a research grant at NYU (New York City).

Here is a brief summary of my professional experience:

11 years of professional experience as an individual case and family helper, as well as being a systemic family therapist

Worked for two years in development aid (at an NGO)

Freelance communications consultant, journalist, and author since 2003

Continuous training in business psychology, coaching, client-centered psychotherapy according to Rogers, hypnosis, hypnoanalysis, EMDR, systemic family therapy and body experience work.

Since 2015, i.a. Naturopath for psychotherapy

DrBirgitHansen2008 ret kl